The Art of Graffiti

Digital, spray paint, and paint marker, on panel, steel, razor ribbon, and gilded frame.
Dimensions: 29" wide x 24" high x 3" deep
(signed on reverse)

Plus shipping & Colorado sales tax

Vermeer - The Art of Painting - 1666​​​​​​​

This is a famous Vermeer painting holding a top 5 position in his small oeuvre.  Although the subject matter is completely different than "The Art of Graffiti", the narrative isn't. It's all about context, the time period, and environment an artist works in.

"The Art of Painting" is a self portrait yet the artists face isn't seen. The work is a narrative on the arts, revealed by the thick tapestry curtain held open by the decorative chair, Vermeer painting a woman holding a musical instrument, and the bust on the table representing sculpture and open book symbolizing literature. A brilliant depiction of the arts done by a master of the Dutch Baroque in Delft at his peak.

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