Museum in my Backyard

Acrylic, house paint, spray paint, paint marker, signage, aluminum, and wall texture on canvas and solid wood gold frame.
Dimensions: 48" wide x 48" high

On exhibit at a solo show: "Roots and Wings - A Story of Transformation" in 2016 at the Mural Arts Philadelphia gallery.

Museum in my Backyard​​​​​​​

In the Merkle Inc. corporate collection in the  Philadelphia metropolitan office.
Museum in my Backyard - The Idea​​​​​​​

The practice wall on the rooftop of the apartment I grew up in on N. 63rd st. in West Philadelphia, with a NOT piece done by MB on the sneak one night. This rooftop served as a meeting place for some of the most high profile Philadelphia graffiti artists of the 1980's. The "museum" was torn down in the late 1990's.

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